Scouting the Thoughts is the First Step toward Calming Them

Although in our last post, I noted that nepsis originally meant the state of not drinking, it’s important to realize that this state is neither negative, nor passive. Rather, it entails a particular kind of movement and action with a sense of purpose and direction. It is like the difference between “thoughtlessly” opening the refrigerator door, taking out a soda and drinking it on the one hand and on the other hand looking at the refrigerator with an awareness of the soda inside, an awareness of one’s thirst, and most importantly an awareness of the freedom that one has to act. In the first … [Read more...]

Keeping a Thought Nothing More than a Thought

Anyone who has read these blog posts or read Ancient Christian Wisdom can recognize that how we handle the thoughts plays a crucial role in our relationships with others, our spiritual healing, and ultimately salvation and eternal life.  The key to handling the thoughts properly is first quickly to distinguish between good thoughts and bad thoughts and second not to allow a bad thought or temptation to become anything more than just a passing thought, which means we don’t entertain it and certainly don’t allow it to materialize in the form of further action.  Ancient Christian Wisdom offers … [Read more...]