Law, Medicine, and Thoughts: East and West

Nearly every blog post written on this site has concerned itself with the realm of the thoughts and how they play a significant role in one’s psychological state and one’s spiritual life.  It occurs to me that some more background information might be appropriate at this point. As an Orthodox spiritual father confessor, it is my task to assist each of my spiritual children in examining the inner world of their thoughts, in order to get to the root of the behaviors, emotional reactions, and motivations that tend to define their lives.  The ancient fathers tell us that it is in the thoughts … [Read more...]

Keeping a Thought Nothing More than a Thought

Anyone who has read these blog posts or read Ancient Christian Wisdom can recognize that how we handle the thoughts plays a crucial role in our relationships with others, our spiritual healing, and ultimately salvation and eternal life.  The key to handling the thoughts properly is first quickly to distinguish between good thoughts and bad thoughts and second not to allow a bad thought or temptation to become anything more than just a passing thought, which means we don’t entertain it and certainly don’t allow it to materialize in the form of further action.  Ancient Christian Wisdom offers … [Read more...]