The Sickness of Inactivity/Impulsivity and the Cure of Praxis

Advocates of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy as well as the ancient Christian fathers would find common ground in the sixth and final choice of ACT which I put as follows: “We can choose to fluctuate between inactivity and impulsivity or we can commit ourselves to our values and act accordingly.” Inactivity and impulsivity are unhealthy, disordered states from both a psychological and spiritual perspective, because those who are in such states lack awareness, direction, and purpose. Christianity, however, is not about a lack of anything other than sin. Christianity is a fullness brimming … [Read more...]

The Dangers of Being a Literalist with our Thoughts

In this past Sunday’s post on ACT, I made a list of six fundamental choices we have regarding thoughts.  In this post I would like to say a few words about the second of those choices, “We can choose to fuse with the thought and make it into the Truth about us or we can defuse from the thought realizing that a thought is an idea, a word, and a sound among other ideas, words, and sounds.” Now, there are times when this is a good thing to do such as when a car is coming and we are about to cross the road. The thought, “Watch Out,” had best be heeded, taken literally, and followed rigidly. But … [Read more...]