Dr. Bruce Foltz, Professor of Philosophy, Eckerd College

This remarkable volume - which has been characterized as a 'Gray's Anatomy' of the human soul, a twenty-first century successor to William James' 'Varieties of Religious Experience' and his 'Principles of Psychology', and a bilingual dictionary translating between psychology and spirituality, - will not only appeal to a wide range of audiences, but each one will surely find a wealth of ideas and insights far exceeding what could have been expected. Therapists will find the most impressive retrieval of the spiritual depth beneath their science since the work of Carl Jung. Pastoral counselors … [Read more...]

David Solomon, W. P. and H. B. White Director of the Center for Ethics and Culture, Notre Dame University

Father Alexis has innovatively woven together an account of cognitive psychotherapy and of the Christian struggle to realize an authentic spiritual life. This extraordinary volume, which draws on contemporary cognitive psychology and the Christian patristic tradition, is destined to become a popular manual for mental health and the spiritual life. It is easily accessible while maintaining depth of insight. One does not need to be a Christian, much less a believer, to appreciate the power of this book. … [Read more...]

Annette Aronowicz, Department Chair, The Robert F. and Patricia G. Ross Weis Professor of Judaic Studies, and Professor of Religious Studies, Franklin and Marshall College

It is with great pleasure that I read this very erudite and yet beautifully written book. This journey into the modern world of cognitive psychology, accompanied all along by the writings of the church fathers, introduces us to two universes that crisscross and yet do not dissolve into each other. Father Alexis did not embark on this journey for purely theoretical reasons, although he distills theories very nimbly. He is a Christian theologian who wants to use both the resources of his tradition and those of cognitive psychology to make more effective the task of caring for those who suffer. … [Read more...]

The Story Behind Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy: A Meeting of Minds

Monks are by nature introspective creatures. We turn inward in prayer in order to meet our Savior. We also try to stay active in mind and body. We turn to serve our brother in love and in so doing we encounter our Lord once again. The union of theoria and praxis, thought and action, makes for a joyous monastic life. Sometimes, however, sincere monastics get bogged down and their lives seem quite different from what is described in the lives of the Saints and books by contemporary luminaries. Critical thoughts take hold of our minds and sluggishness characterizes actions that should be a source … [Read more...]

Archbishop Chrysostomos Center for Traditionalist Orthodox Studies

This book, by a gifted scholar and Hieromonk at the Karakallou Monastery on Mount Athos, is a new volume in Peter Lang’s American University Studies Series. In his foreword, H.T. Englehardt remarks that Father Alexis, who holds a doctoral degree in theology from the University of Thessaloniki, brings together in this book the world of psychology and the spiritual teachings of the Church fathers: enriching science, thereby, with a spiritual dimension that it can appreciate without necessarily acknowledging the foundational principles of Christianity; and, at the same time, demonstrating that … [Read more...]

Ancient Christian Wisdom and Aaron Beck’s Cognitive Therapy

This work explores the seemingly disparate worlds of cognitive therapy and ancient Christian thought concerning how our thinking influences our emotions, behaviors, and ultimately our lives.  In this innovative study about mental and spiritual health, readers are taken on a journey that explores the theory and techniques of cognitive therapy as well as the perennial teachings of ascetics and monks of the Christian tradition.  This groundbreaking interdisciplinary volume in the art of pastoral counseling, patristic studies, and the interface between psychology and theology will be a coveted … [Read more...]