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Changing Type A Behavior: Happy Memories, A Smile, and a Prayer of Thanksgiving

Sometimes, it’s necessary just to state the obvious: thinking about pleasant things helps us feel pleasant; thinking about peaceful things helps us feel peaceful; and thinking about stressful things can make us feel stressful. And all these endless variety of thoughts have a way of shaping not only our feelings, but also our actions, sometimes directly such as when we decide to eat this or look at that and at other times indirectly such as when our actions are clothed in gentleness and calmness or roughness and agitation. Underlying the Type A behavioral pattern are Type-A thoughts about … [Read more...]

Who Spake By the Prophets

According to the Nicene Creed and according to Scripture itself, the Holy Spirit spake through the Prophets to the children of Israel in their wanderings, in their disobedience, in their sorrows, and in their afflictions. And through the Prophets of the Old Testament, the Apostles of the New Testament, and the Saints Who live in the age to come, the same Spirit of God continues to speak to us in our wanderings, disobedience, sorrows, and afflictions. When we wander about in our own concerns and worries, the Divine Spirit speaks to us through the Prophet Jeremiah awakening us up from sleep, … [Read more...]

The New Reality that Begins for Us When We Believe the Creed: “Who was incarnate of the Holy Spirit and the Virgin Mary”

The Virgin Birth is what takes humanity from the tired world of the Old Testament and introduces it to the miraculous incorruptibility of the New; it is what makes the descent of heaven to earth a reality with flesh and blood; it is what makes communion with God possible on a level beyond anything the daughters of Eve and sons of Adam could have ever imagined. The Virgin Birth is the hidden proclamation of the prophets, the secret expectation of the righteous, the unconcealed sweetness of angels, the indomitable courage of martyrs, and the cherished delight of monastics. Yet, many Christians … [Read more...]

Life is Not Always As It Appears

For Christians, the title of this post speaks to divine faith and the spiritual realm, which is just as real as the empirical world, although not as readily evident for those who rely solely on their physical senses and whose spiritual senses are so dulled that their noetic eyes cannot see by the light of faith and the light of Christ.  This may be seen in today’s Gospel concerning the Myrrh-Bearing Women.  They were relying on more than their senses in the midst of unspeakable grief. Their Beloved Master whom they had followed and on whom they had set all their hopes had been crucified and … [Read more...]

Spiritual Warfare, the Passions and the Commemoration of the Beheading of John the Baptist

In addition to Holy Scripture and the writings of the Church Fathers, the liturgical texts of the Church offer the faithful a feast of wise teachings about the need to watch over one’s thoughts and the consequences of failing to do so. For example, yesterday we commemorated the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist.   In the odes of the canon in honor of the forerunner and chanted during Matins, the faithful discover precious truths about spiritual warfare, the passions, the virtues, and the constant need for spiritual vigilance. Before delving into the topic of this blog post, it may be … [Read more...]