More on Butterfly Wings, Strange Attractors, and the Human Soul

In an earlier post, we spoke about one way that the butterfly effect from chaos theory can be applied to the spiritual life and the inner world of our thoughts. We spoke of the macro effects reverberating throughout all of humanity. We can also consider how a single powerful thought, like a lone fluttering butterfly, can reverberate throughout the world of one’s consciousness and paradoxically enough utterly change it. Turning from the world at large to the single soul, we are simply following fathers such as Saint Maximus the Confessor who taught that the world can be viewed as macrocosm of a … [Read more...]

Chaos theory, Butterfly Wings, and Watchfulness over the Thoughts

One of the more important contemporary theories that make sense of phenomenon in the physical world is chaos theory. It affirms that open systems are nonlinear, which is a scientific way of saying that minute changes can have enormous consequences in emergent patterns. For example, when the meteorologist Edward Lorenz was developing computer simulations for weather predictions, he found that rounding numbers from six decimal points to three (a fraction of a thousand) made huge differences in the ultimate predictions. This was called the butterfly effect: the flapping of a butterfly's wings can … [Read more...]