How to Respond to Conflicts- Choices that Determine our Lives

As unpleasant as conflict is, it seems to be an inevitable part of life.  There are many reasons for this, but such are not the subject of this post.  I would rather like to focus our attention on the three main options available to us in responding to a person who wrongs us, namely: aggression, passivity or assertiveness.  It should be clear from the previous posts on anger that aggression against another is an unchristian and decidedly unhealthy manner in which to respond to conflict.  An aggressive response will likely lead to an escalation of grievances rife with negative consequences that … [Read more...]

Anger-It’s a Matter of Perspective

The ABCD strategy for dealing with anger suggests that we become a bit more realistic and rational in dealing with life’s frustrations and setbacks by disputing with those thoughts that make us angrier by the minute. The fathers would also suggest being realistic and logical, but with the real being defined first of all by reference to God the source of all being and the logical (λογικό) being defined by the Eternal Logos (λόγος) that is the ultimate reason for all that was, is, and ever will be. So on the one hand, we can accept that life is not fair and get along the best we can. On the … [Read more...]