Strategic Delay vs. Procrastination

Our earlier posts in this series concerning procrastination dealt with the magnitude of the problem. Under ordinary circumstances, I would first define the issue before tackling its scope. I chose to handle procrastination in reverse order since many people don’t consider procrastination to be a serious problem. They fail to recognize the long-term physical, social, emotional, and spiritual toll habitual procrastination can have on themselves, and in so doing they resemble people who, though sick, are unaware of the sickness, only to have to deal with the consequences of the sickness when it … [Read more...]

The Problem of Procrastination

In our fast-paced society that prizes productivity and efficiency, procrastination is clearly a problem that can sabotage career and advancement. In a world preoccupied with high stress and low self-esteem, procrastination can be a serious issue contributing to more frequent physical illness as well mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. And even in Christian circles, procrastination can be a spiritual snare, for procrastination in repentance and the keeping of God’s commandments can destroy our very souls. Even though failing to follow through and complete an intended task until the … [Read more...]

The Distractions of Social Media and Procrastination

It would be nigh impossible to discuss the topic of procrastination without delving deeply into the phenomenon of distraction.  It is the fuel and energy that provides procrastination with such a powerful force in contemporary culture.  Just as it would be difficult to examine procrastination in the absence of a discussion on distraction, it would be nearly impossible to look at distraction today without analyzing the effects of the technological revolution. While advances in technology have provided many benefits especially in the areas of the health sciences, it can have deleterious … [Read more...]

Putting off for Tomorrow: A Series on the Problem of Procrastination

In this new series, we will explore the nettlesome problem of procrastination, which affects the most of us at some point in our lives. In fact, one study found that 95% of the population has experienced procrastination in one form or another.  Silver and Sabini (1981) label it a psychopathology of everyday life.  Its manifestations can cause havoc in our personal relationships, careers, and our spiritual life. Not getting a term paper done in time may not be the end of the world, but not preparing for the Kingdom of Heaven in time could mean being shut out of the bridal chamber like the … [Read more...]