How to Approach the Lord with the Faith of the Centurion

In dealing with others, we often wonder how to approach them when we wish for them to hear our request and act upon it. We, likewise, may wonder how to approach the Lord Christ with the various problems that beset us. In the Gospel concerning the centurion’s servant (Matthew 8:5-13), we are given some very clear instructions. In reflecting upon this Gospel passage, many often point to the great faith of the centurion, a faith so great that Christ Himself marveled at it. So, clearly approaching Christ with such confident faith was instrumental in the healing of his servant. But the question … [Read more...]

So Much More than Healing: Newness of Life Through Obedience

“He has renewed the heaven, because foolish men had worshipped all kinds of stars; He has renewed the earth which had grown old in Adam.  With his spittle there took place a novel fashioning: He who is capable of all things puts aright both bodies and minds.  He is the Creator’s Son, whose treasure stores are filled with every benefit.  He who needs pupils, let him approach him: He will fashion mud, and transform it, fashioning flesh and giving light to the eyes.  With a little mud he showed how, through Him, our dust was fashioned; the soul of the dead man, too, bore witness to Him how, by … [Read more...]