The Imagination Gone Awry

Based on an incisive comment from a reader of this blog regarding the role of the imagination in anxiety, I think it could be worthwhile to turn our attention from the issue of fear to that of the imagination and its role in mental health, sin, the spiritual life, and one’s daily life.  Imagination has its bright and its dark sides in all these areas and is a topic so immense that it will no doubt require a number of blog posts in order merely to touch on these themes. Technology, inventions, works of art, works of literature, and quality research all involve a healthy use of the imagination … [Read more...]

More on Thoughts and Prayer

In my last post, I mentioned that we have a choice to make when it comes to how much time and focus we will give to a particular thought.  With our will, we can choose whether we engage the thought and dwell on it or let it pass through the mind like a bird flying through a blue sky, leaving the heart undisturbed.  This exercise of free choice is especially important at times of prayer.  Anyone who has made a serious attempt to pray recognizes that at the very moment of prayer, extraneous thoughts assault us from all sides.  The temptation at this point is to throw up our hands in despair and … [Read more...]

Where Thoughts Lead Us

I’ll begin this blog post with a story related to me by an acquaintance.  It involves a work situation and how one’s thoughts can lead to destructive and bad behavior.  It’s a story about a successful female executive who is a junior partner in a firm.  While she has attained success, status in the firm, and is widely regarded as a bright, articulate lawyer, she harbors deep-seated resentment for what she perceives as “slights” from her male partners.  As she continued to harbor these feelings, nurturing them in her imagination, she was unable to interact with her partners without seeking out … [Read more...]