Acceptance That Heals

In the last blog post I mentioned a tenet from Acceptance and Commitment therapy: “We can choose to react to negative thoughts or simply accept the fact that we have had a negative thought.” This is also a fundamental principle in the spiritual life. Our choice has more than temporal, psychological repercussions. It has eternal significance, for repetitive choices set up patterns of behavior that can either draw us closer to God and neighbor or drive us further away from the two poles of our existence. Let us assume for the sake of this post that the choice made involves acceptance of the fact … [Read more...]

Habitual Sin

In the last blog post, I noted, “When we give into the temptations of the devil repeatedly, those ways of reacting become ingrained habits and then no devil is necessary to continue to entice us, we entice ourselves.”  This is an important notion for each of us to ponder. There is a precious period of time before giving into sin when our will inclines either in the seemingly easy direction of the temptation or in the Gospel’s seemingly more arduous call to virtue. If we are not constantly struggling to root out sinful habits, if we are not watchful over our will, that period time decreases … [Read more...]

Exposing Bad Thoughts and Spiritual Healing

In one of my previous posts, I discussed how the Fathers counseled their spiritual children to cope with bad thoughts.  In that post, I categorized the various coping methodologies in the context of purification, illumination, and deification.  In this post, I shall briefly review the salutary effects of exposing bad thoughts to another person as well as in the sacramental context of confession where such thoughts are exposed and confessed to Christ through the mediation of the priest who serves as a witness. Let us turn once again to the practices and principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.  In … [Read more...]