Changing Type A Behavior: Happy Memories, A Smile, and a Prayer of Thanksgiving

Sometimes, it’s necessary just to state the obvious: thinking about pleasant things helps us feel pleasant; thinking about peaceful things helps us feel peaceful; and thinking about stressful things can make us feel stressful. And all these endless variety of thoughts have a way of shaping not only our feelings, but also our actions, sometimes directly such as when we decide to eat this or look at that and at other times indirectly such as when our actions are clothed in gentleness and calmness or roughness and agitation. Underlying the Type A behavioral pattern are Type-A thoughts about … [Read more...]

A Joyful Battle with a Cry of Thanksgiving

The ancient fathers have consistently described the spiritual life in terms of warfare.  In their writings and homilies, they often use terms such as battle, armaments, assaults, and weapons following Saint Paul’s description of the whole armor of God.  While this is an apt description of the spiritual life here on earth, it may cause us to lose sight of an important characteristic of Christian soldiers, they are joyful and grateful.  After all, we are not marching towards a defeat, but towards a radiant victory that has already been accomplished through our Lord’s glorious Resurrection. If we … [Read more...]